Picture of His Life

Many divers are quietly working away, producing beautiful work that rarely gets seen beyond a close circle of friends and acquaintances. We want to change more >>
John Bantin
Emotions and experiences, fear, frustration, and sadness, but also great excitement and satisfaction, with many magical moments connecting to primordial nature. Yonatan Nir tells what lay behind his film of Amos Nachoum.... read more >>
Yonatan Nir // Photo: Amos Nachoum
what it took to get the picture 01 September, 2019
I’d spend four to five hours in the water each day, breaking only for some quick lunch, because I was afraid, I’d miss an important photo-opportunity. Yung-Sen Wu from Taiwan describes what it took to get the more >>
Yung-Sen Wu, Taiwan
Knowing he had only 20 minutes to do this special panoramic project. He made the route alongside the wreck of the Satil, swimming back and forth, trying to maintain perfect linearity and verticality... Nicolas Barraque, the well-known French publisher of Plongez! magazine tells how he went on to become a world leader in underwater panoramic more >>
Nicolas Barraque, France
The champions 01 September, 2019
When Team USA’s selection of shots was put up on the screen, we were overwhelmed to see one of the judges gave us a perfect Ten! Our team had an aggregated score of 36, which earned us the first place in the Global Championship category. Three Americans got together to take the top prize that year. Renee Capozzola tells how they did it more >>
Renee Capozzola, USA
Want to win a competition 01 September, 2019
Three days of shooting the wreck of the Zenobia near Larnaca I was happy to come back home with the 2nd place in the amateur category. In the same year I also participated the Eilat Red Sae Shootout, but didn’t win anything….Tobias Friedrich offers sage advice How to Win Underwater Photo more >>
Tobias Friedrich, Germany
total prize of US $15,000 01 September, 2019
Cai Songda from China was announced as Asian Photographer of the Year 2019 at ADEX Beijing and won a total prize of US$15,000, which included the prestige Andromeda statue, a SEACAM camera housing, a 10-day dive trip to Komodo National Park and another 4-day dive trip to the Bay Islands Resort, Dive & more >>
David Pilosof, Israel
It’s late in the evening and with hardly any moon to speak of, but instead of thinking about sleep we are planning our diving, not just any dive though, tonight was Blackwater diving. Mike Bartick who was 2018 winner for the main category Best 5 images taking us to “Black Water” journey and some useful tips to start …. ... read more >>
Mike Bartick, Philippines