From the Editor
Digital photography has changed the world of underwater photography and made good results attainable for everyone and anyone. However, all over the world, many divers are quietly working away, producing beautiful work that rarely gets seen beyond a close circle of friends and acquaintances. We want to change that.

World Shootout Magazine is unique in that it not only shows the best underwater photography collected together in one place, but it allows those who produce it to have a voice, explaining what they go through to get such outstanding results. It especially gives aspiring talent the opportunity to see their work set alongside that of acknowledged masters of the craft, and even to outshine it.
So, we’re searching for yet unknown underwater photographers who demonstrate great promise and creative vision; artists and storytellers who are ready to step into the spotlight and play the important role of delivering the magic. World Shootout has been instrumental in revealing these people’s work.

How did it do that? During the last 15 years, starting in Eilat Red Sea competitions, World Shootout has discovered the best emerging talent in underwater photographers from around the world - and encouraged them with prestigious prizes (including $267,000 in cash).

In 2015 World Shootout has moved the award ceremonies to Boot Dusseldorf, the most important show for European scuba divers, which brought huge exposure to the thousands of people visiting. The most significant change in the competition was the option for a direct, off-line, non-virtual dialogue with amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

The WSO Magazine is New
So it was only natural that during our first production meeting to prepare WSO 2020, we decided it's about time that WSO community should have their own magazine - a quarterly publication that will not only present stunning images from unique UW projects, but also open a fascinating new channel of communication between WSO's editors, producers and jury and you - photographers and videographers. 

Every issue of WSO magazine is inspiring. In addition to in-depth editorial features, columns by jury members and interviews with award winning photographers, we invite you with the opportunity to share with us and the UW community your portfolios, inspirational stories from your projects, and adventures and even extraordinary personal stories that will inspire us all and turn every issue of WSO Magazine into a unique and exciting piece of art made by you.

In this first issue we have the honor to reveal the exciting action behind the scenes of the documentary film “Amos Nachoum - Picture of his Life” - directed and produce by Jonathan Nir and Danny Mankin. They made a tremendous combination of working in crazy conditions in one of the toughest places in the Arctic, to include the most classic photography from these places, and to see that the film’s protagonist is a much more complex, sensitive and engaging personality than usually presents itself. It gives viewers a sense that they are deep within the journey towards achieving the missing picture in his portfolio, and a series of pictures that our world as never seen before.

But you don’t have to go to the Arctic. Have you too got outstanding underwater pictures of unusual subject matter? From the smallest creatures to the most spectacular wrecks, World Shootout and the World Shootout magazine offers you the stage to share your fantastic work, not only with the hope to win one of the prestigious and high-value prizes, but to give you the spotlight and international recognition of the UW photography community. We know you are out there!
John Bantin